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We believe that Scuba Diving is exhilarating.  We have experienced the amazing connection that occurs being underwater and exploring a whole new world.  For people with disabilities, Scuba is a great equalizer.   Let us guide you in that amazing journey....read more

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Are you as excited about exploring the underwater world as we are?  Our team of independent HSA & PADI SCUBA Instructors, Divemasters and Dive Buddies can help you move from novice to advanced skills, keeping you safe all along the way. Start your journey today....read more

MARCH 2014

Byblos Niagara Resort & Spa Announces their Sponsorship....read more

APRIL  2014

Jaia Konik earns HSA Divemaster Certification
....read more

MAY 2014

HSA International Announces 2014 Dive Trip....read more

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MAy 2014

Marilyn Rundle earns HSA & PADI Divemaster Certifications....read more